Express Yourself.

Invest Yourself.

Believe a simple truth. No one knows everything, but everyone knows something. On EMCEE, directly monetize your investment ideas in a marketplace made by you, for you.

Why crowdsource?

Why crowdsource anything? It's simple. We have more brain power as a group. The culmination of everyone's individual expertise and experiences can work together to make the whole stronger than any individual part.

What's on EMCEE?

Ideas, Data, & Research

There are thousands of investment ideas on EMCEE made by people like you. Simply add them to your playlist and harness the power of the crowd.


Create or track portfolios mixed with public, private, and crypto investments in your playlist. Share it with your friends and gather followers or upload it to the marketplace and earn money!


Pay or get paid for performance only, not for complacency. Buy or sell your investment ideas, data, and research in the marketplace made by you, for you.

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How It Works

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Who It's For

Our mission is to foster a community of working professionals, aspiring investment management students, and do-it-yourself investors in a marketplace where they can discover, learn, and track each others’ investment ideas. Through this community we will remove the top three hurdles of investing - lack of investment capital, risk unsuitability, and access to financial information. We believe crowdvesting will not only yield better performance but will deliver rare investment insight from one member to another as well as better portfolio management practices.

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