How and Why We Use Data from LinkedIn

Emcee is on a mission to develop GDPR compliant practices for how and why investment advisors use data to view you as an investor. Financial institutions such as registered investment advisors need to understand the financial circumstances, behavioral biases, and background of their clients in order to determine risk suitability and recommend investment strategies and products. One way or another, these institutions must collect this data during the onboarding process from their clients. Help us help them, help you by streamlining the onboarding process in a secure, compliant, and anonymous manner.

Through analyzing your responses to our survey in addition to your LinkedIn data we can help investment advisors recommend better investment strategies that are aligned with your interests in a secure, anonymous, and compliant manner. All responses are anonymized and Emcee will not share your data with anyone at any time. Your data and responses are used for analytics purposes only. For example, although we collect information for each specific user Emcee does not assign names to its data sets. Emcee will never know which user’s data is associated with a user’s name or email address, even though a user named “John” logged into the GDPR inn Finance survey through his LinkedIn account. User names are irrelevant for the purposes of our analysis.

We collect information about how you use LinkedIn, such as the types of content you view or engage with; the features you use; the actions you take; the people or accounts you interact with; and the time, frequency and duration of your activities. For example, LinkedIn logs when you're using and have last used their services, and what pages, posts and other content you view on LinkedIn. We also collect information about how you use features like hashtags and companies you follow. Additionally, we will collect basic profile information from you such as name, occupation, and information about your professional network.

For the purposes of the GDPR in Finance survey, Emcee only collects information once at the time of login. We do not collect information at any other point in time without explicit authorization from the user which is only done by logging into the GDPR in Finance survey through the user’s LinkedIn account. We can never collect more information than you authorize us to, which is asked of you when you log in to the survey through your Facebook account. Users can access their permissions and list of data authorizations from within their own LinkedIn accounts under settings and app management.

For more information about Emcee’s privacy principles, GDPR policy, data policy, and other terms of service see our disclosures page .