Meet Emcee

Emcee is a marketplace that brings people together for mutual financial benefit. It is a community made out of protfolio creators, and some of the best investors around. It’s the only place that allows you to create a financial following and get paid directly for your returns.

How mirroring works.

Mirroring allows you to follow the exact investments of any portfolio on our marketplace porportionatly using fractional shares while maintaining complete control over your money. It will never enter anyone else’s account and you can withdraw your money at any time.

Master portfolio

Total Investment:
% growth: +4.21%

Mirror portfolio

Total Investment:
% growth: +4.21%

Make money as you build a following.

Get tips for your investment tips. So in exchange for you allowing others to mirror your portfolio, we pay you based on the profit those followers make from mirroring you. At the end of each month that a users followed you we pay you 5% of your followers profit, increasing your upside.

Total users following:

Brokerages available.

Emcee plugs into any brokerage, meaning you can execute your trades using whoever you want. If you dont see you’re brokerage here, let us know and we’ll work to integrate them into our network.

Frequently asked questions.

You're brokerage services are literally none of our business. We will help you open a new brokerage account or simply synchronize your own and when you trade through Emcee we use your own brokerage. No need to start over

No. Create and manage as many portfolios as you like. Emcee does not charge you fees for creating portfolios compared to other services that charge $5 a month per portfolio!

At the end of every month, we charge your credit card or bank account, whichever you like. The expenses are tax deductible and we don't take them our of your returns so you can reinvest and make more money.

Maybe you have the appetite to eat a whole pizza, but most likely you will only want a slice or two, or three. Same concept, learn more about it on our blog where we break it down.

At Emcee, we believe you should only pay for anything that delivers you value. If your followers are benefitting from your transparency and are accumulating wealth we pay you for it at the end of every month.

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